Standard Operating Policy for KompleteCare Physicians

Prepared for: All Physicians on KompleteCare
Level of Compliance Required: 100%

Date revised: 01 May, 2021


KompleteCare™ is a digital product of Sevenz Healthcare Services Limited. Physicans using this product are referred to as KompleteCare Physicians. KompleteCare Physicians must observe the standard operating policy as stated below:

Standard Operating Policy for Online Consultations (voice or video)

  1. Always enable your location access if you are available for online consultation
  2. Configure the email notification on your phone to give you a unique alert tone for incoming calls from patients
  3. KompleteCare Physician receives a mail notification that a patient has requested for online consultation.
  4. Use the link in the notification mail to login and see the details of the request in your dashboard. Note the date and time and initiate the consultation using the initiate button on your dashboard about five minutes before the time to enable the patient to join you in the virtual consultation room.
  5. After asking for the patient's biodata and establishing rapport, use the basic steps of clerkship: presenting complaint, history of presenting complaint, review of systems, past medical and surgical history, medical history, family and social history, history of allergies, feelings, fears. Expectations of the patient should always be explored to achieve patient-centered care. This is the minimum that should be done for all patients irrespective of their complaints.
  6. Medication can be prescribed using the chat functionality in the virtual consultation room or using our standardized online prescription form.
  7. Patients may opt to purchase their medication or use KompleteCare nationwide medication supply chain..
  8. At the end of the online consultation, KompleteCare Physician should rate the consultation experience and click the “consultation completed” button on the post consultation pop up form to activate the process of crediting the bank account of the KompleteCare Physician.
  9. In case there is any challenge that makes the consultation inconclusive, the physician SHOULD NOT click ”end session” or “end consultation phone icon”, but click on “go back” arrow at the top left of the virtual consultation room. The physician should use the phone number of the patient on the online consultation dashboard to call and rearrange a mutually agreed upon date and time to conclude the consultation. On the mutually agreed upon date, the doctor will re-initiate the consultation from the dashboard to invite the patient to join the consultation in the virtual consultation room. The patient is not required to do a new request for consultation in this case.
  10. In case the patient requires further hospital care, inform the patient to book for hospital consultation from the closest hospital that is registered on KompleteCare. The list of such hospitals can be sorted by State, LGA and City on KompleteCare when booking hospital appointment.
  11. Provide online care to inform patients in emergency condition to seek immediate hospital care in a hospital closest to them.
  12. Provide online consultation as a pre-requisite for home care for patients/clients requesting home care services. The home care may be provided by you or you may tell the patient to book for home care from other doctors on KompleteCare platform.

Standard Operating Procedure for Hospital Appointments and Hospital Consultation

  1. The KompleteCare Physician receives an email or SMS alert that a patient has scheduled an appointment based on the availability that the hospital and doctor had set.
  2. The KompleteCare Physician accepts the appointment.
  3. Once the KompleteCare Physician accepts an appointment, he/she should act in the best interest of the patient until the appointment is fulfilled, and the service provided.
  4. The KompleteCare Physician ensures that the hospital electronic or physical card (or the file/electronic medical record for the patient) are opened for a new appointment. In the case of a follow up appointment, the folder should be retrieved, or the electronic medical record of the patient retrieved by the Hospital Administrator/Medical Record personnel of the hospital.
  5. The Physician will receive a reminder 24 hours and 1 hour to the time of the scheduled consultation
  6. On the day and time of scheduled appointment, KompleteCare Physician should ensure the client/patient is promptly attended to. Depending on the circumstance, the patient may present the receipt of online payment.
  7. The patient that scheduled the appointment should have his/her folder escalated to the nurses before arrival under the supervision of the KompleteCare Physician. On arrival, the patient is directed to the nurses’ station where vital signs will be checked before the patient consults his/her physician.
  8. The KompleteCare hospital consultation is owned by the KompleteCare Physician. He/She creates demand by satisfying the patient. This is the key to success.
  9. If the patient requires referral to another specialist, the KompleteCare Physician is expected to coordinate it.

Standard Operating Procedure for Home Care

  1. The KompleteCare Physician informs the patient or the caregiver about home care services. If the patient/caregiver agrees, the physician should send an invitation for home care using the home care worklet on the Physician’s dashboard.
  2. Patient/Client/ Caregiver requests for home care service after registration as a patient.
  3. The security of KompleteCare Physicians is our concern hence, the KompleteCare Physician should not expose himself/herself to undue risk by going to a community with security concerns.
  4. Once security is assured, the KompleteCare Physician is expected to visit with a personal KompleteCare minimum package for home care namely; stethoscope, sphygmomanometer, thermometer, a pair of intact surgical gloves or disposable gloves and a diagnostic set. This minimum package is a criterion for participation in KompleteCare’s home care services.
  5. While at the home of the patient/client, standard medical approach of history taking, and examination must be thoroughly carried out and logged.
  6. Treatment may be prescribed, or further investigation requested.
  7. At the end of the consultation, the KompleteCare Physician and the patient should click the “completed” button to activate the process of crediting the account of the KompleteCare Physician.
  8. Home care may necessitate hospital care in which case, the patient is advised to schedule a hospital appointment using the hospital appointment feature if it is not an emergency situation.

The overall objective of the standard operating procedure is to ensure patient/client satisfaction by providing efficient services there by creating demand resulting in a win-win continuum.